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After nearly 30 years of active engagement, leadership, and proven success in advancing minority business and wealth creation, The Institute of Economic Development has much to be proud of and many successes to herald. In alignment with a constant rate of change and progress, The Institute is also transforming and preparing for the next set of challenges that will arise on the path to economic parity. As an organization, The Institute is renewing its commitment to be the voice and advocate for economic development within the minority business community. Every successful organization innovates to stay on the leading edge of trends, opportunities, and ideas that will lead to success in a rapidly changing business landscape, and The Institute is no different in that regard.

For the year 2015, The Institute (formerly the North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development) proudly introduces a new name; a new brand; a new direction and focus for 2015 and beyond. The restructured organization will build on its storied past while securing a position to better serve in the future. Revamped priorities will now serve the minority community through three primary areas of focus: The Policy Center, the Center of E3, and the Procurement Center.

The Policy Center serves as a non-partisan policy center that conducts research, monitors trends, expands the public dialogue, and offers practical recommendations to build shared prosperity across lines of race, gender, and geography.

The Center of E3 provides customized learning to help entrepreneurs develop their business, grow their profits, and create new jobs. This virtual service center also provides 24-hour access to tools that will engage, educate, and foster the exchange of information and ideas among entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth and success.

Finally, the Procurement Center is a centralized resource for upcoming business opportunities from a wide sector of public and private entities seeking to do business with diverse companies. The Procurement Center also provides plans room and business assistance services that help firms access opportunities to grow.

Without question, The Institute will continue to build on its legacy of leadership and service to the North Carolina community while also seeking to expand its ability to affect change and promote advancement for minority business across the United States and abroad. The Institute has been an instrument of positive change for nearly 30 years, with plans to continue this legacy for many more. We invite you to join us on this new journey in 2015.