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Dr. William H. Frey, author of the new book, DIVERSITY EXPLOSION - How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America, will speak at the 2015 Executive Networking Conference. As described by the Brookings Institution, "At its optimistic best, America has embraced its identify as the world's melting pot. Today it is on the cusp of becoming a country with no racial majority, and new minorities are poised to exert a profound impact on the US economy. He finds that without these expanding groups, America could face a bleak future: this new generation of young minorities is infusing our aging labor force with viability and innovation.

Diversity Explosion shares the good news about diversity in the coming decades, and the more globalized multiracial country that the U.S. is becoming." This explosion presents new market opportunities across all industry sectors and significantly heightens the value and importance of paying attention to Diversity and its potential impact on the bottom line.


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