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Power of 10 Crowd

In business, as in mathematics, the Power of 10 embodies the idea that there is strength in numbers.

The Power of Ten Networking Group began five years ago by 10 women business owners and professionals interested in capitalizing on that notion. Today, it is a vibrant network that meets monthly to network and support each other's business growth.

Sharon Campbell

NCIMED first connected Sharon Campbell, one of Power of 10's strategic partners, with the 10 women to advise them on their businesses. The group quickly realized the power of their connections and network of contacts.

"We came together and said 'we can do better,'" said Campbell, founder and president of SYNERGY Development and Training Group. "We can refer clients and grow in each other's company.

At the group's monthly networking events, participants learn about available resources and opportunities to help their businesses grow. Victor Galloway, NCIMED's director of client services, for example, spoke at the group's February meeting about the array of services and tools NCIMED offers to help small, women and minority business owners prepare for success.

"We know that as a business, sometimes you have to meet with a lender," Galloway said. "We make sure you are ready for that and packaged well for a lender. You have to understand what credit you need. You may not need $1 million. You may need $10,000, which will help you earn $1 million."

The Power of 10 Networking Group has collaborated with NCIMED to help the group create and sustain a strong network of contacts, make qualified referrals, take advantage of competitive bidding opportunities, share business experiences and knowledge, and host monthly networking events.

Tonya McCoy, Power of 10 member, discovered her business niche by attending NCIMED's Executive Networking Conference. While there, she attended a workshop about market opportunity within the state's aging population.

The presentation inspired McCoy to combine her interest in this emerging market with her experience as a licensed real estate broker and general contractor. She earned her certification in a field that helps senior citizens live independently at home and is now consulting with Habitat for Humanity to build a better home living design for elderly clients.

Latangela Hyman, president of A Peace of My Passion, a solutions-based company providing consulting and planning services to churches and independent Christian bookstores, said access to NCIMED's Construction Resources Center helped her seize a new business opportunity.

"The networking and support I have received have been tremendous," Hyman said. "I have participated in an entrepreneurship challenge that has connected me with like-minded people who have helped me to expand. Timing is everything and the timing is now."

The group's experience proves the power of numbers and the value of connections.

"Because of NCIMED," said Campbell, "we have had women come to us and say 'I have a business in Raleigh. Now I'm in Charlotte and moving to High Point. Because of you, I have wings. I can fly now.'"

The Power of 10 Networking Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. For more information, visit