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About Us

Diversifying the Marketplace

The Institute is a nonprofit management consulting and services firm focused on business diversity.  

We are trusted advisors to businesses large and small, government agencies, policymakers and organizations that understand the key role diversity plays in ensuring business and economic success.

Our client services include customized one-on-one assistance, training, knowledge, networks and solutions that create diverse, globally competitive companies.

We are a leading voice and constant advocate for public policies and business practices that promote marketplace diversity.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Focus on Diversity – The Institute -- the only organization of its kind in the country -- offers 30 years of experience helping clients harness the power of diversity to achieve  business and economic objectives.
  • Business Knowledge and Expertise – We bring deep industry knowledge of how to help businesses of all kinds start and grow; business owners turn barriers of race, gender and disability into opportunity; companies diversify their supply chains; and communities broaden their business base.
  • Proven Methods – We help clients develop the three core elements -- money, markets and management  -- required for business success. Uniquely, we integrate critical diversity management strategies every step of the way, helping clients connect with broader pools of high-quality vendors and suppliers and successfully enter new high-potential markets.
  • Broad Networks – Our extensive network of investors, partners and clients developed over three decades connects clients with business assistance and opportunity for achieving their business objectives.
  • Passion and Commitment – As a nonprofit, our bottom line is helping clients become more successful and America become more prosperous by getting business diversity right.

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"NCIMED is good for business."  — Jim Mebane, retired, First Citizens Bank


Clients Served

$700 Million

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